I’ll get by with a little help with my friends… I hope!

Does anyone out there know how to format wordpress blogs so that you have like one page with more than one topic for postings at once.. so it looks like, hmm, ya know four boxes of blogs on one page, each with posts on a specific topic? I have so much to talk about, that I want everyone too see it all but in a more organized fashion! Help!!


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Raspberries in Spring

Price Chopper is having a sale on raspberries, a 1/2 pintfor $1.98. I was so excited and bought two cartons earlier this week, but now all I can think about is how right Matt was when he said “these are nothing like the ones you pick yourself” as he dropped them one by one into the frying pancake batter.
I miss picking raspberries and blueberries behind my house. They always grew where the woods and the lawn met, and I’d always have to fight myself to not eat more than I put in the bucket. None of the places I live have that now, and I miss it.
I think because the weather has brought such warmth and mildness this week that I’m getting excited for spring. I never have before, I usually want the winter to drag as long as it can so my dad has business and I can work more hours. I even feel the urge to go on walks and exercise. I want the apartment to be clean and I even started by cleaning out my car. I’m being more organized I’ve noticed, and procrastinating less and less.
I’m starting to think that either someone has drugged my raspberries, or maybe I’m just growing up.

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More on “The Liars’ Club”

So, Chapter 15 definitely redeemed that gap between 13 and 14. It also seems, from reading the sampling of reviews in the back of the book, that Karr’s sequel “Cherry” serves to fill that gap. I really look forward to reading it now too.
I cannot emphasize enough how much I really love Karr’s use of descriptions and visual imagery inc reating scenes. I think perhaps it takes me so long to read because I am so detail-oriented that I literally visually a movie scene for every piece in take in; this book was no different, or even the epitome of my problem, because I could find myself creating and adapting Karr’s scenes every sentence along the way. It really took me the whole week to read the book, and I still couldn’t put it down.
I love memoirs. I especially love reading authentic documents, like people’s letters to one another. The real personal genuine stuff. This book not only quenched my apetite for that, but expanded on it and gave opportunities for reflection, relatability (if that’s a word), and a plethera of emotions.

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Reading “Liars’ Club”

A reading response to Mary Karr’s Liars’ Club:

Well, I am a really slow reader so I have about twenty-five pages to go. I’ll have to post again in the morning, and wish I had posted every few pages because there was so much going on in that book I am not sure where to start.
I have to say that most obvious topic for discussion should be Karr’s explicit descriptions of sexual abuse, and a childhood with her “Nervous” parents. For some perverse reason this was effective for drawing in readers like me. I was really disappointed though with her transition to post-college from childhood. She was so great throughout the book at expanding and condensing time, and using image-provoking scenes, that this shift made it really anticlimatic and almost boring/depressing (a different type of depressing than the overall story itself). I think i’m even going to go back to that section and explore it again, because it almost seems as though there could be a whole chapter missing.
I’m going to finish it up now, but if anyone reads this, what did you think of that transition (time warp) towards the end?

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Need some backup

It seems lately that Albany drivers are getting worse and worse. They generally have no regard for traffic lights, and go 40 in a 55 and 45 in a 30. Today I was traveling west on Washing Ave. Ext. and a school bus going east stopped to drop off a kid. I stopped about a block before the bus and waited patiently for them to put their stop sign back in. Well some jerk in the left lane flew past me and the guy behind me started honking. All I could do is sit there and think, “Last time I checked, there’s some kind of law that prevents you from doing that so you don’t hit kids!” Can someone back me up on this one… it is a law right?
So I came to a generalization: All city of Albany driver’s ed. instructors must be shipped in from New Jersey!

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The noise below

So that guy with the loud music downstairs… well it started up again tonight. It’s techno this time- house music, maybe Cascada? I jumped up and down really hard on the floor… and it got louder. Of course Matt followed with “what do you expect me to do about it?” So I called the rental management company (this is the 3rd time and counting), and they sent over this little old 4’11” white-haired man with a beer belly larger than our fridge and penny-loafer-slippers. He said he’s been working 24hours over time and we woke him up to come here and listen for the loud noise. Needless to say, he didn’t do anything, and when he came into our apt. the noise below stopped. It’s just like that knocking in your engine that gets progressively worse and worse until you finally bring it in to the shop and it runs great for the mechanic. Grrrr.. Anyway, he told us to call the police if it happens again. Great. I thought I was done with the police when I moved off South Pearl!

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Sweating the small stuff (and loving it)

Don’t you hate it when you’re all ready to leave the house, then something stupid happens and you’re suddenly 20 minutes late and still have to find a new shirt? Every time I get dressed in the morning, it seams, I inevitably lean into the puddle of contact solution Matt left on the sink counter for me. I must have asked him 1,000 times to remeber to wipe it up, and I must have ruined atleast 2,000 outfits in the morning because of it. And I just finally told him the other day how much I hate how every time a song comes on in the car he likes, he turns the volume up; I’m telling you by the time we get through a whole CD he likes, the speakers are blown and my ears are broken. But last night Matt asked me, “Did you ever see something that made your brain happy? Like that feeling that’s just relaxing and great, but you just zone out and watch something else?” I knew exactly what he meant: that feeling you get when you’re in a carwash. Or the sensation you experience when you watch someone getting their hair cut. Just hearing him talk about this made me forget about how pissed I was that he took the last clean towel without telling me for the 50thousanth time, or brought the car back with no gas in it. And I’m glad that I have him -in good and bad- and that I’m able to see that.

I’ve been noticing how different I am from my sisters lately. While they flip through US, People, and Cosmo, commenting on Brittney’s new do or Lindsey’s rehab stint, I find myself buying Woman’s Day and Family Circle, for decorating ideas and coupons. My grandma always said Sarah’s the “partygirl” and I’m the “homebody”, and I always agreed, but I never thought that I could find such pleasure in sitting here admiring my new curtains.

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