Oh my g-d, I came back to my apartment from being away for the weekend to an infestation of big black ants. They are showing up everywhere in my white and khaki apartment. If anyone knows me, you know that nothing scares me more than worms and certain bodily secretions/sounds… and ants are right up there with worms (and all other insects, etc.).
Let me shed some light on this for you people that don’t know me so well. When I went to Ithaca, they had beautiful gardens and lawns lining every cement sidewalk. Well when it rained, somehow the worms were flooded from the ground and would cover every sidewalk like a plague. If you know western New York, you know it rains like Ireland. When it rained I could not go to class, because the thought of stepping on a single one of those worms actually made me cower in my apartment and/or gag.
At least I have grown past cowering, now I can kill bugs without being hysterical in fear. But let me tell you, these little fuckers are fast- and they even climb the ceilings. I am going to go to Price Chopper first thing in the morning to buy the most expensive traps and pesticides that exist: all you naturalists can shove it because I am going to use every chemical possible to get rid of these things… I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight knowing these things are lerking in the dark.


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    odist said,

    Centipedes creep me out beeeeeeyyyyyond belief. Best of luck to you!

  2. 2

    rachel said,

    ew i remember hearing about those worms. gross Lizzy, really. how would you rank this infestation compared to the “Mouse Incident 2004”?? get back to me. the other day i was in my friend nick’s car and apparently he saw some cadillac rims by a dumpster…or so he says…and thought it would be funny to take them home so he could “throw some Ds on that b#$%” (like the song) yeah, not so funny anyway but even less so when those “Ds” apparently were covered in millions of ants that he “didnt notice” as he threw them into the back seat. for about two weeks now ants have been crawling around in there and as you could guess, i no longer take rides.

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