Almost forgot…

Sorry classmates, I almost forgot a Running in The Family reading blog post! (Maybe it’s because Ondaatje’s writing is so wierd to me…)

Anyway, I wanted to draw some of your attention to an excerpt from page 122.

Property was there to be taken or given away… All her life she had given away everything she owned to whoever wanted it and so now felt free to take whatever she wanted. She was a lyrical socialist. (Ondaatje, 1982)

This stuck with me like nothing else in the book, in that I could almost recite it back to you from memory. I think this was mostly because of the way Lalla reminds me of my grandma Betty, and the way my boyfriend Matt says “socialism is perfect on paper”. This statement just grabs me, and I can’t get past it. It’s universal and deep, yet sarcastic in a way that makes you want to laugh.
I also am drawn to the way Ondaatje describes people with little anecdotes that are almost unappropriate, but eye-opening, and they sure as hell stick with you.

I want to go see what the rest of you 251-ers had to say, so I’ll come back to this.


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