Running in The Family

I’m really not sure how I feel about this book yet. Granted, I will take full advantage of the option to read a book that on page 43 you’ve only read about 12 pages of text, but I honestly can say I have no idea what happened.
This guy is telling his story right? But I wasn’t really sure what he was saying at times, when it all really happened, if it was a dream or really did happen. I think I’ll have to go over it again, sorry all who found it as profound as the reviews claim.
Some parts that jumped out at me.. hmm… go to page 26. “In the heart of this 250-year-old fort we will trade anecdotes… In this way history is organized.” I loved that whole passage. This guy does Karr justce in his use of descriptive scenes, but here he just is honest and straighforward, but poetic and sortof.. soft? Maybe this little bit caught my eye because I understood exactly what he meant.
I will come back to this later when I have a clearer mind, but for now I’m going to go see what the rest of you ENG251-ers thought.


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