Raspberries in Spring

Price Chopper is having a sale on raspberries, a 1/2 pintfor $1.98. I was so excited and bought two cartons earlier this week, but now all I can think about is how right Matt was when he said “these are nothing like the ones you pick yourself” as he dropped them one by one into the frying pancake batter.
I miss picking raspberries and blueberries behind my house. They always grew where the woods and the lawn met, and I’d always have to fight myself to not eat more than I put in the bucket. None of the places I live have that now, and I miss it.
I think because the weather has brought such warmth and mildness this week that I’m getting excited for spring. I never have before, I usually want the winter to drag as long as it can so my dad has business and I can work more hours. I even feel the urge to go on walks and exercise. I want the apartment to be clean and I even started by cleaning out my car. I’m being more organized I’ve noticed, and procrastinating less and less.
I’m starting to think that either someone has drugged my raspberries, or maybe I’m just growing up.


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