Reading “Liars’ Club”

A reading response to Mary Karr’s Liars’ Club:

Well, I am a really slow reader so I have about twenty-five pages to go. I’ll have to post again in the morning, and wish I had posted every few pages because there was so much going on in that book I am not sure where to start.
I have to say that most obvious topic for discussion should be Karr’s explicit descriptions of sexual abuse, and a childhood with her “Nervous” parents. For some perverse reason this was effective for drawing in readers like me. I was really disappointed though with her transition to post-college from childhood. She was so great throughout the book at expanding and condensing time, and using image-provoking scenes, that this shift made it really anticlimatic and almost boring/depressing (a different type of depressing than the overall story itself). I think i’m even going to go back to that section and explore it again, because it almost seems as though there could be a whole chapter missing.
I’m going to finish it up now, but if anyone reads this, what did you think of that transition (time warp) towards the end?


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