More on “The Liars’ Club”

So, Chapter 15 definitely redeemed that gap between 13 and 14. It also seems, from reading the sampling of reviews in the back of the book, that Karr’s sequel “Cherry” serves to fill that gap. I really look forward to reading it now too.
I cannot emphasize enough how much I really love Karr’s use of descriptions and visual imagery inc reating scenes. I think perhaps it takes me so long to read because I am so detail-oriented that I literally visually a movie scene for every piece in take in; this book was no different, or even the epitome of my problem, because I could find myself creating and adapting Karr’s scenes every sentence along the way. It really took me the whole week to read the book, and I still couldn’t put it down.
I love memoirs. I especially love reading authentic documents, like people’s letters to one another. The real personal genuine stuff. This book not only quenched my apetite for that, but expanded on it and gave opportunities for reflection, relatability (if that’s a word), and a plethera of emotions.


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    mfulwiler said,

    So glad you liked the book! You’ll defiintely appreciate Cherry, though at times I felt it wasn’t quite as strong as The Liars’ Club. Karr is a so adept at creating those specific detailed scenes. I wanted our class to experience scenes at work in a book-length project. She has that constant balance between description and reflection that’s so hard to get.

    I feel inspired by your raspberry buy! And here we go for another round of snow…stay warm!


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