Sweating the small stuff (and loving it)

Don’t you hate it when you’re all ready to leave the house, then something stupid happens and you’re suddenly 20 minutes late and still have to find a new shirt? Every time I get dressed in the morning, it seams, I inevitably lean into the puddle of contact solution Matt left on the sink counter for me. I must have asked him 1,000 times to remeber to wipe it up, and I must have ruined atleast 2,000 outfits in the morning because of it. And I just finally told him the other day how much I hate how every time a song comes on in the car he likes, he turns the volume up; I’m telling you by the time we get through a whole CD he likes, the speakers are blown and my ears are broken. But last night Matt asked me, “Did you ever see something that made your brain happy? Like that feeling that’s just relaxing and great, but you just zone out and watch something else?” I knew exactly what he meant: that feeling you get when you’re in a carwash. Or the sensation you experience when you watch someone getting their hair cut. Just hearing him talk about this made me forget about how pissed I was that he took the last clean towel without telling me for the 50thousanth time, or brought the car back with no gas in it. And I’m glad that I have him -in good and bad- and that I’m able to see that.

I’ve been noticing how different I am from my sisters lately. While they flip through US, People, and Cosmo, commenting on Brittney’s new do or Lindsey’s rehab stint, I find myself buying Woman’s Day and Family Circle, for decorating ideas and coupons. My grandma always said Sarah’s the “partygirl” and I’m the “homebody”, and I always agreed, but I never thought that I could find such pleasure in sitting here admiring my new curtains.


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    I know exactly how you feel about your boyfriend, and I think it only increases the longer you’ve known each other. Me and my boyfriend get in little fights about things now that we never would have when we first met, but it’s somewhat comforting to know that you can be honest with someone and even nag them and know they’re still going to be around. And, they can be annoying the living crap out of you one minute, and the next minute remind you of exactly how much you love being around them. Living with a boyfriend must be a totally different experience, since you’re basically always in each other’s space, and I award you both for having patience with each other.
    Kind of a tangent but my roommate wears contact lenses too and they’re the disposable one-a-day kind so at the end of the day instead of throwing them in the garbage she throws them on the ground and they get hard and I can NOT stand finding her gross, hardened contact stuck to the bottom of my foot. Yuck.

  2. 2

    You are adorable. I know exactly the feeling you mean and I LOVE your examples. I really love the car wash 🙂
    P.S. Women’s Day is way better than Cosmo

  3. 3

    slutzky said,

    I once stepped on a dried contact (last week actually) and it cut my foot!

    Cosmo is scary and has skinny expensive girls in it!

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