So… about my domestic hobbies

I like to bake things. I’m not so sure I am very good at it, but I love to do it. I also love to buy all kinds of kitchen gadgets, even if I only use them once… one day I’ll need them again. I just know it!

Speaking of which, I recently bought a food dehydrator.

Nesco Food Dehydrator

I waited for two weeks and when it came in the mail it was like Christmas/Birthday/Yom-Kippur-Break-fast all at once! But, it wasn’t exactly the one I thought I picked out online, atleast not as many cool features or pretty design, but I waited so hard & long that I opened it and used it anyway. I just started using it the other day and it’s a little more time consuming than I expected. I even bought a different one first, (Ronco) then returned it, because it required me to rotate the trays every three to six hours, and fruit would take something like 46-72 hours to dry! Who the hell has time to do that? I think they’d dry in the sun faster! So I returned it, plus it was reaaallllyyy ugly, researched a little, and just got this new Nesco one. (By the way, I found this guy, Brian Glass, who has the same one as me, and his site is pretty interesting too.) It is going to be pretty interesting though, because every time I try to use it, it’s either too late in the day or something comes up, and I have to turn it off part way through. So I started off with a strawberry/apple fruit leather and some pineapple rings, then had to wrap them in saran and put them in the fridge until I could turn the dehydrator back on (I don’t want to leave it on while I’m sleeping and burn the house down or something). The owner’s manual says the best way to perfect your dehydrating is practice. Isn’t that the best way to perfect anything/eeverything in life?

I love this lady’s page, “Fancy Food… and Silly Stories” because, for example, there are pictures of this wonderful grapefruit bar – a spin on the traditional lemon bar – that she made. In fact she includes BEAUTIFUL pictures of almost everything she makes. They’re truly inspiring (and the stories are actually fun to read)! These pictures are much better than the ones I find in the reader-posted recipes on (probably because it’s Nestle’s website). They’re much better than anything I could capture, and her desserts are just so delectable and perfect it’s almost depressing to me!

I used to want to be a dessert chef of some sort, but I really need to work on consistency. I made these amazing chocolate dream bars once, and my whole family loved them. So, of course I made them for the next family event and, of course, they tasted like shit. I think my stove is not accurate. And my kitchen’s too small. Yeah, that’s it…


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