Embedding Videos… for Beginners!

To embed a YouTube video you need to know the following:

  • What is ’embedding’?

Embedding means that the actual image or video, for example one from YouTube, physically appears on your blog in your post. You do not need to enter a link on your blog post to some other website- it is actually right there for you to see on your blog.

  • What is a ‘URL’?

A ‘URL’ is the website address where your video or image is located. When you are in YouTube, for example, the URL is given to you in a little box to the right of the video. In all other cases, the URL is the address at the top of your internet browser’s screen… A URL usually looks like “http://www.something.com/”.

Now for embedding a YouTube video…

To embed a YouTube video, you log in to WordPress, click on “My Dashboard”, Click on “Write”, then on “Write Post”. If you are still in ENG 251 with me, I think you know how to do that all by now.
In the Post, or body, you need to enter the following text WITH NO SPACES(I’ve highlighted the literal text you need in BOLD):

[ youtube = the YouTube URL is inserted here ]

Where it says “the YouTube URL is inserted here” is where you literally copy and paste the URL of your video.

This should have worked when you save it and then view your post.

For embedding videos that are NOT on YouTube, I have also posted another page that explains some methods. You can also find it here.


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