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I HATE THE FACT THAT YOU NEED TO USE GOOGLE BLOG SEARCH TO SEARCH FOR WORDPRESS BLOGS!!! I honestly just sat here for 11 whole minutes trying to remember how the hell to search for blogs.. thank g-d it only took me 11 minutes to remember the google thing.


I added a few pages to my blogroll, but nothing that catered to my real interests. I never have found anyone who has a love for giftwrapping like I do. I did fins a knitting packrat though, and I am one too. For Christmas/his birthday I bought my boyfriend an XBOX360, and I do at times think he’d trade videogames & TV for me… that’s why I added the “XBOX vs. Girlfriend” blog. My favorite of the three was a blog about the band Brand New, because I really love this band. I also liked that blog because the fact that the band has the name that they do and the fact that they aren’t very well known makes it hard to find good stuff about them online.

About Blogs… I like blogs that have colors that are easy on the eyes. I hate advertisements and flashy things. Blogs read best when all of the important info (the text body) is kept on one place -like the middle or the right side- and all the crap is in the margins. The best bloggers are probably those who have an affinity for html.

That said, I have some more exploring to do, because my 3 new blogrollers are not very impressive.

Is anyone else having the problem where your arrow keys, and occasionally other buttons don’t work in wordpress’s program? It’s really frustrating for me…


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  1. 1

    I LOVE wrapping presents!!!!!
    We should blog about that!!!

  2. 2

    mfulwiler said,

    I like what you’re doing with the font color! How are you doing that? Cool. Did you try searching on technorati? I had a lot more luck there. The other thing I do is check out the blogrolls on the blogs I like reading.

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