Like the house key, this is just another kind of lie. Response to “How to Talk to a Hunter”

I loved reading this story. I love experiencing new methods of writing… of conveying an idea… methods I never would have thought of. Houston tells the reader how it is, how it will be for you, without ever having to actually say “this is what happened to me, this is how I felt, this is what I learned from it” and so on. Even though this came off as literally as set of rules for communicating with male hunters, it was spoken so straight up and connecting that it was extremely easy for me to relate to, and transpose myself into Houston’s role. Houston was able to give so much information through her method of writing, yet keep me wanting to hear more. Again, I know nothing about the life of a hunter’s mistress, but the feelings Houston subtly expresses make it easy to be confused for those I have experienced before. I think it takes a really great writer to do this- to talk about eating elk meat or sleeping with a hunter- and still make someone who has never done these things feel like they are speaking to and for you. I also like almost anyone who creatively quotes Kris Kristofferson or Janis.

Houston also used some of the hooks we discussed from our last reading in True Stories; a grabbing first sentence, a title that makes you want to read on, caters to the senses, and paragraphs full of personal conflict and detailed descriptions. These were all accomplished in a subtle but successful way.


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