My response to “Growing Up Game”

I enjoyed reading “Growing Up Game,” by Brenda Peterson, because it was such an interesting and unusual topic, especially when I realized the author was a woman. I never knew someone could speak so eloquently about hunting and eating animals; the author was able to discuss in-depth the process of hunting for survival while still describing her feelings and emotions that were tied to the simple action of eating meat in a graphic, yet tasteful, way. She also managed to keep me engaged in the subject, even though I myself have never hunted or eaten wild game, and had little prior experience in reading snapshots of people’s childhood that varied so greatly from mine.

I thought, at first, “my boyfriend would love this story” because he is such an outdoorsman, who loves to read and greatly values all living things. I was then left wondering who the target audience was, and whether I gained anything from reading this. I never asked him to read it because I had no way of explaining its purpose to him, or even why I seemed to enjoy it so much.

Out of context, I couldn’t imagine where a piece like this belonged among short stories of self-writing. I was touched by the author’s insight conveyed through her personal accounts, and also wondered if I would be able to write something so powerful, yet short and so visually descriptive. I then realized I could relate to this well, because any episode of my life taken out of its full context may seem just as random to its readers as this.


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